Brent Meersman

Vredehoek’s cooking

Vredehoek is gaining reputation as a culinary haven for people of all tastes.

Simply eat everything

Although it has not been immune from development, the West Coast fishing village of ­Paternoster, 120km north of Cape Town, has maintained its charm.

Elegantly ethical

As we start to interrogate our food production and consumption and the slow food movement gains traction, veganism is growing in popularity.

Winnie faces the music

Beyond historical fact lies the simple story of a real life personality.

Coffee gives the spirits a lift

A small café lets you appreciate the significance of a memorial to the long-forgotten dead.

Shattering dreams

Arthur Miller's <i>Broken Glass</i> is an exploration of what happens to people when they surrender their own desires and disregard the truth.

Choice beefcake and offcuts

I have eaten some pretty disgusting things, almost always by accident. But a new restaurant in Cape Town pushes every possible limit.

A ‘dive’ that’s always full

What a relief it is to write about one of the most unpretentious eateries in Cape Town: the kind of place you can take your dog.

Now for artists who can design for toffie

Those fancying a peek into the brave new world of design need look no further than the Toffie Pop Culture Festival.

Koeksisters in Camden

In almost any London restaurant you can order rooibos tea. Fortnum and Mason's exotic food hall range once carried vacuum-packed salted Mopani worms.

Haute potato

Peruvian gastronomy, although hardly known in South Africa, is one of the great cuisines of the world.

Voices of freedom

<b>Brent Meersman</b> talks to Shirley Apthorp, director of the Cape Festival, about a vision for South Africa's long-term musical future.

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