David Bruce

Covid-19: Police abuses reveal systemic flaws

The decision to rely on the police and army to enforce the lockdown was correct, but security force actions show both the weaknesses of the state and of systems for establishing social order

Covid-19: Are we at a disadvantage compared to China and Singapore?

South Africans are economically stressed and will quickly find ways to circumvent restrictions. Without social mobilisation we won't be able to ensure the compliance that other countries have been able to enforce

Rubber bullets well past their sell-by date

Police must distinguish between those acting violently and other protesters when using force

Ignore male victims at society’s peril

There is a crisis of violence against women. But men also suffer brutalisation. This contributes to the abuse of women

Structural youth unemployment solutions require new thinking and new institutions

Even if the rate of economic growth were to improve, chronic structural employment will remain for a considerable time

A journey into the tragedy at Marikana

A book by Greg Marinovich highlights the exploitation that led to the Marikana tragedy, writes David Bruce.

[From our archives] Phiyega flew too close to the sun

With access to high political power, she believed she was unaccountable and untouchable, writes David Bruce.

Policing: One policy size does not fit all

National commissioner Riah Phiyega's questionable fitness for office is just one of the many problems the SAPS faces, writes David Bruce.

Marikana: A massacre by any other name

How should we characterise the police actions on the afternoon of August 16 2012 that started with a 10 second burst of gunfire?

Mthethwa set the scene at Marikana

As police minister he provided the political guidance that framed the SAPS's actions.

Marikana will always stalk Ramaphosa

The politician remains vulnerable in the quest to hold those responsible to account.

Marikana will always stalk Cyril Ramaphosa

The politician remains vulnerable in the quest to hold those responsible to account.

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