David Bruce

‘Why does KZN lead in police killings?’

Statistics suggest there was more than one police unit in the province linked to unlawful killings.

Looting is hardly alien to human nature

Expect more violence until the acceptance that it is a valid tool of political expression is addressed.

Marikana: The case against Mthethwa

The urgency of the operation may have been to pre-empt Julius Malema from entering the fray.

Focus on ‘trio’ crimes skews the stats

The recent police statistics again show how the well-off and business control the crime agenda, while street robberies are a much bigger problem.

Expanding the police force is a tricky business

Since Marikana, the South African police has struggled to balance a stretching budget without compromising quality.

Violent protests entrenched in SA’s culture

Political intimidation is generally carried out with the approval of dominant political role-players, writes David Bruce.

Can the ANC rein in grass-roots coercion?

The party's leaders decry intimidation, but some local despots in its ranks use fear to retain power.

ANC no longer ‘needs’ a single police force

The song and dance goes on but the African National Congress' aim to save Zuma's skin has been achieved.

Marikana not Ramaphosa’s finest moment

But it is those who made the decision to unleash maximum force who must be held responsible, says David Bruce.

Wheels of justice turn slowly as political killings escalate

According to an internal ANC report, 38 members of the party have been killed in KwaZulu-Natal since the beginning of 2011.

Marikana: Disastrous crowd control led to mayhem

The events at Marikana were not only a human tragedy, but also a disaster for policing in SA, one that will leave a stain on the image of the SAPS.

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