David Lewis

Equatorial Guinea steadies itself for Africa’s big stage

Turkish and Chinese workers put finishing touches on towering new buildings as delegations of dignitaries sweep up a flag-draped six-lane highway.

ANCYL: Close Twitter

A curious statement released by the ANCYL calling for the 'closer' of Twitter is fast becoming viral on the popular social network.

Gibbs faces backlash after launch of autobiography

Bad boy of South African cricket Herschelle Gibbs faced a backlash on Tuesday following the launch of his controversial book, <i>To the Point</i>.

Côte d’Ivoire awaits results after millions vote

C&ocirc;te d'Ivoire's election commission and the main political parties gathered in results from across the country on Monday.

Côte d’Ivoire calm as voters go to polls

Ivorians went to the polls on Sunday for their first chance in a decade to choose a president and observers said the vote was proceeding peacefully.

US helps African navies with floating academy

The <i>USS Gunston Hall</i> is a floating academy, part of an effort by the US to train local navies to combat instability in the Gulf of Guinea.

Junta to run Niger until elections

Niger's military plans to run the country until politicians agree on a new Constitution and are ready for fresh elections.

West African cocaine use rises along smuggling routes

West Africans are consuming more of the drugs trafficked between South America and Europe, raising the spectre of rising crime and health problems.

DRC rebels flex their muscles

The Democratic Republic of Congo's battered government has little choice but to open unpopular talks with dissident General Laurent Nkunda.

Côte d’Ivoire land tensions fester ahead of polls

The road that snakes past stalls piled with bananas, charcoal and dried fish through Fengolo village in western Côte d'Ivoire looks peaceful.

Sudan says world’s poor face ‘blackmail’ by rich

Sudan's president, accused of genocide in Darfur by the West, says rich countries are bullying the planet's poorest states.

Tsvangirai says talks deadline flexible

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said on Thursday he was ''fairly satisfied'' with talks with President Robert Mugabe's party.

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