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Cypriots take to the polls in hopes of a bankruptcy saviour

Cypriots have gone to the polls to elect a president who must negotiate a financial rescue to save the island country from its economic crisis.

Amanda Knox returns home to Seattle

Amanda Knox has returned home to Seattle, one day after an Italian court cleared the 24-year-old college student of murder and freed her from prison.

Amanda Knox is a saint AND a diabolical she-devil, says lawyer

Amanda Knox is a "witch" whose lying ways belied her fresh-faced "soap and water" looks, a lawyer has told the court hearing her murder appeal.

Libya official quits, cites ‘unbearable’ violence

Libya's top oil official became the latest figure to desert Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday, adding momentum to a revolt against the leader's long rule.

Sudan’s gold rush lures thousands to remote areas

Tens of thousands of small-scale Sudanese prospectors are undertaking hazardous expeditions across barren areas to search for gold.

Darfur rebel group suspends talks with Sudan govt

Darfur's most powerful rebel group has suspended meetings with Sudan's government in Qatar in protest at Khartoum's plan to hold a referendum.

Aid agency may be forced to shut Darfur programme

Catholic Relief Services fears it will have to shut its West Darfur food programme at the end of the month unless Khartoum lifts a ban.

No country for young men: Italy’s ‘lost generation’

Once kept at home by love for mamma's home-cooked pasta, a growing number of young Italians are now forced to live with their parents.

Afghan air force flies again on Soviet warhorses

As training jobs go, United States Colonel Bernard Mater's task of mentoring the fledgling Afghan air force is among the more daunting ones.

Suicide attacks down, extortion up in Iraq’s Mosul

Drive-by shootings, murders and extortion are the new calling cards of a weakened insurgency in Mosul.

Italy quake death toll rises, aftershocks continue

Rescuers searched by lamplight in freezing temperatures for a second night for survivors of an earthquake in central Italy.

Italy finds quake survivors, but hopes fading

Rescuers used mechanical diggers and their hands to search on Tuesday for survivors of Italy's worst quake in three decades which killed nearly 180.

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