Dominic Rushe

New Bob Marley marijuana gon’ make you feel irie

The reggae singer's family is on board with a private firm to launch 'Marley Natural', a strain of marijuana meant for healing.

Yellen’s over, now the work begins

Reversing QE has begun and the challenge now is for the Fed's new chairperson to keep it in check.

WTF, NSA? Tech giants vent spy fury

Google and Yahoo! are fuming over revelations that the agency intercepted their users' records.

US takes a closer look at digital currency

United States authorities increase scrutiny of the digital currency.

Google: Don’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail

People sending emails to Google's Gmail users have no "reasonable expectation" that it will be confidential, says the company in a court filing.

Detroit’s wheels come off

Bankruptcy is seen as the motor city’s last resort and even then its recovery will be difficult.

Tough start to US-EU free-trade talks

The US and the European Union start talks to create the world's largest free-trade agreement, amid diplomatic tensions over recent spying revelations.

Boeing puts grounded Dreamliner through its paces

Boeing has completed the first successful tests of its troubled Dreamliner 787 since the jet was grounded following battery fires.

BP knew of risks but put cutbacks above safety – expert

BP's "every dollar counts" culture led to the fatal Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Paul Ryan and the share trading scandal

The US vice-presidential candidate has denied he profited from a 2008 meeting with the Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke.

Global slowdown chips away at McDonald’s boom

McDonald's, the fast food giant that managed to ride out much of the Great Recession, has been bitten by the global slowdown.

Microsoft takes on iPad with Surface tablets

Microsoft has launched its own series of tablet computers as the tech giant fights to regain ground lost to Apple's hugely popular iPad.

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