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Dominic Rushe

Buyers baulk at cost of ‘green’ cars

A lot still needs to happen in the alternative fuels vehicle market before sales figures start to rise.

New York police arrest ‘lone wolf’ terror suspect

An "al-Qaeda sympathiser" has been arrested in New York for allegedly planning bomb attacks targeting soldiers, police cars and post offices.

Las Vegas: A tale of two cities

The rich are having the best of times while the middle and lower classes are struggling to survive.

Amazon kindles its own fire

At $199, the wireless media player/book reader/web browser/geegaw will be the cheapest of its kind when it is released.

The ‘dire’ consequences of default

Analysts say standoff between Obama and Republicans could spark a global recession.

Best returns, worst reputation

A new book on Goldman Sachs says the bank will take years to reinstate its image.

Goldman executives’ wages of sin

A nun leads the charge against the excessive amounts paid to corporate chiefs.

Walmart sex-discrimination case has profound implications

A 60-year-old Walmart employee came up against the world's biggest retailer in another round of the largest sex discrimination case in history.

$8bn payback for ‘Amazon Chernobyl’

Chevron cries foul but the plaintiffs might yet push for the $27-billion they claimed.

Financial crisis ‘avoidable’

Government, bankers, homeowners and regulators all blamed for 2008 financial crisis.

Look out, here comes the robotic revolution

The second decade of the 21st century will see the rise of a mechanised army that will revolutionise private and public life.

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