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Giles Fraser

Empty words, broken lives in northern Iraq

The place the Yazidi call home has been seeded with tens of thousands of mines.

Think of God, think of a crying infant

Christmas presents God as a baby, invoking Christianity as a deeper form of humanism.

Peace a dirty word in time of war

Even those Israelis who are secretly against the military assault on Gaza are cautious about voicing their opposition openly.

Are modern detectives the new priests?

Our obsession with fiction such as "True Detective" suggests something remarkably adjacent to traditional theological concerns, writes Giles Fraser.

Can you be too religious?

When considering this question, note that Jesus himself was hostile to religiosity – and that fundamentalists suffer from a lack of faith.

The spiritual side of boredom

Once a luxury claimed by the idle rich, languor is now the ultimate personal failing.

Talking about death could make our passing less soulless

Instead of outsourcing all talk of death to medics, priests and undertakers some people have embraced the more personalised idea of "death cafes".

Blame psychological warfare

The latest Kandahar massacre has illustrated how soldier's have hardened and how their natural 'shoot-to-miss' instinct have been stifled.

‘Just war’ erodes Christian belief

Far from being wishy-washy, Christians are right to be wary of any justification for violence.

King James Bible’s longevity proves bigoted is better

Who said this? "We are a Christian culture, we come from a Christian culture, and not to know the King James Bible is to be, in some way barbarian.

More art. More prayer. More holidays

The headlines were grabbed by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams's attack on United States foreign policy. But the deeper point, widely missed, was his attack on Western modernity in general. "There is something about Western modernity which really does eat away at the soul," he said in an interview with the Muslim magazine, <i>Emel</i>, late last year.

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