Hamilton Wende

Murder and memory in Rwanda

<b>Hamilton Wende</b> remembers a ride he took with Sylvain Nsabimana in 1994 and the girl who was saved on that long, dark trip out of her country.

The mosque next door

In the traditionally Jewish suburb of Houghton, a towering mosque has been in the making for years next door to a tiny shul.

Hope returns — behind high walls

Many professionals who left South Africa appear to be coming back home writes <b>Hamilton Wende</b>.

Royal Jo’burg

Grand old homes hold rich tales of exiled royals who once lived in the city, writes <b>Hamilton Wende</b>

Lessons of Battle

South African photographers, cameramen and producers are sought after by the international networks to cover conflicts around the world. Hamilton Wende reflects on some of the lessons he and his colleagues learned in the townships in the '80s and '90s.

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