Joanna Moorhead

‘Cancer I could deal with. Losing my breast I could not.’

For those with breast cancer, a mastectomy may seem like the best option. But Joanna Moorhead is glad she chose less extensive surgery.

Comment: Breast may be best, but bribing mothers to nurse is not

There are many advantages to breastfeeding but should mothers be bribed to do it?

Pope’s welcome modern rhetoric must translate into action

There's a sense right now that Francis is on the verge of moving on these fronts.

Find a husband: What’s feminism really about?

Susan Patton, criticised for her advice to female students, has stumbled on a truism ignored by feminism – having a career is not everything.

Melinda Gates challenges Vatican on contraception

Billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates has vowed to dedicate the rest of her life to improving access to contraception across the globe.

Stem cell science saves lives

Blood donated from healthy babies' umbilical cords is being used to treat diseases and it has also helped scientists' further stem cell research.

Too young to be a woman

Girls now regularly start puberty aged eight or nine. How easy is it to cope at primary school?

A silence born of fear

Selective mutism is extremely debilitating but it can be treated, even later in life.

Is veganism safe for children?

Can a vegan diet damage your child's health? Social workers in Lewisham, south London believe it can.

Ride of a lifetime

Rupert Isaacson believes an affinity for horses has transformed his autistic son. But is it too good to be true? Joanna Moorhead reports.

Drawing the bikini line on toplessness

Sunbathing topless is a French thing, whereas wandering around entirely naked is a German-Austrian thing

Online catharsis

For many people with serious illnesses, blogging offers a way to cope and share their stories, writes Joanna Moorhead.

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