Lachlan Carmichael

EU to cut new car emissions by 37.5% by 2030

The targets will require new cars sold in 2030 to emit 37.5% less carbon dioxide on average compared to 2021 levels

Apple wants US privacy law

The chief executive says internet users are under surveillance and companies use data as a weapon

Clinton hints at unease over early Mubarak exit

The timetable of President Hosni Mubarak's departure lies with the Egyptian people but his early exit could raise electoral complications.

US concerned at Tunisia unrest, internet woes

The United States raised concerns with Tunisia about its handling of political unrest as well as its apparent "interference" with the internet.

Clinton seeks clean start in Middle East peace talks

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday sought a clean start in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

US, Asian allies urge China to rein in North Korea

The US, South Korea and Japan all urged China to help rein in its ally North Korea and vowed solidarity in defending Seoul from any further attacks.

Uphill battle to prevent failed state in Yemen

The world community faces an uphill battle to help prevent Yemen from becoming a failed state like Somalia

Middle East leaders to hold bimonthly peace talks

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have cleared the first hurdle in what promises to be difficult negotiations.

Obama readies bold Middle East peace bid

President Barack Obama steps into Middle East peace efforts on Wednesday in a bold bid to relaunch direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

Obama arrives at crossroads on Middle East policy

US President Barack Obama is arriving at a crossroads in his bold bid to revive Arab-Israeli peace talks.

Clinton fears N Korea-Burma nuclear links

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday warned about possible nuclear links between Burma and North Korea.

Plea for Burma to let in aid as toll soars

The international community pleaded with Burma's military rulers on Wednesday to let foreign aid workers and desperately needed relief supplies into the cyclone-crushed country. The United Nations, the United States and France stepped up pressure on the junta to open their doors to foreign aid.

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