Laurice Taitz

Kentridge’s idea lights up Jo’burg

Renowned artist William Kentridge’s bright idea has resulted in a space where other artists can freely experiment with and express theirs as well.

Etching Jo’burg’s pathways: Book series unveils the city’s hidden stories

A look at a series of books by two authors who mission onto the streets of Johannesburg to discover the vibrancy that makes the city a home for many.

Treasured past secures ?a priceless future

The Art History Department at the University of the Witwatersrand produces its first Wits History of Art portfolio.

Putting the ‘new’ back in historic Newtown

The once-bustling cultural heart of Johannesburg is being revamped with a host of new developments.

Museum of African Design’s extreme objects of desire

Design is no longer the poor relative of the arts and, with global interest mounting, the field's top pieces are now fetching comparative prices.

Gallery puts graffiti into orbit

Graffiti artist Mars makes the leap from Jo'burg's grimy streets to an exhibition space to show off the other side of his urban art.

The gods’ crazy gift to Jo’burg museums

The divine intervention of Jamie Uys played a role in ensuring a young American finds himself heading up Jo'burg's newest cultural hub.

Adrift on azure chasms of calm

Sailing the Greek islands on your own yacht couldn't be anything but bliss.

The beauty of life after death

Bronwyn Lace breathes new meaning into ?the detritus of ?once-living things.

Forbidden desires in the suburbs

Huw Morris's photographic exhibition reflects on the ?master-servant dynamics and the desire for the ?other that probably existed in 1970s SA.

All aboard the night tour

A kaleidoscopic 
night tour that is a 
welcome departure from Jo'burg's silent northern suburbs.

The Cronut comes to Jo’burg

When historians turn over major events, among Egypt’s implosion and the tragedy of a loved sports star who shot his future,will be the Cronut.

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