Lawrence Donegan

Woods rejects Pines for Abu Dhabi green

Lured by the match fee, much less than he earned at his peak, the champion faces a stiff challenge from the top four golfers in the world.

Top players keen to tame the Tiger

Nevermind racing to Dubai, the world of golf would not mind fast forwarding to next month in Abu Dhabi.

Cool hand Donald gives McIlroy space

Luke Donald is happy to be patient and let Rory McIlroy take the media spotlight at the British Open.

Not out of the Woods yet

Tiger Woods is expected to return to golf in time for the United States PGA Championship in Atlanta next month.

How Monty’s better side brought out best in Europe

He can be charming and inspirational but he can be jaw-droppingly rude, the last man you might want to call upon in your moment of greatest need.

Tiger returns to hijack Masters

With Tiger Woods returning to golf, the mea culpa circus rolls into town for the first major tournament of the year.

Tiger Woods: From $100m man to nowhere man

The agony and ignominy continue for Tiger Woods as the list of alleged mistresses grows longer and the list of friends shorter.

Tiger retracts his claws

The golf star has shunned publicity for years. But after the rumours surrounding his bizarre car crash last weekend he faces a huge PR crisis.

Plenty stars, no spine

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan may well be involved, but the Presidents Cup lacks drama, passion and history, writes Lawrence Donegan.

Meet YouTube’s self-made superstars

Four years after YouTube was founded it is still some way short of making money for its owners.

Newman factor still on track

The green flag won't fall on the 29th grand prix of Long Beach for another 24 hours and 45 minutes, which means it's time to stand in the pit lane and watch the competitors in the pro-celebrity race buzz past in their souped-up Toyotas, marvelling all the while at how a simple word like “celebrity” can be bent and stretched and twisted until it loses its meaning entirely.

It’s Open without Tiger

Walk towards the Royal Birkdale course and you pass banners welcoming the world to the 2008 Open Championship that show Tiger Woods mid-swing.

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