Louise Redvers

Somalia’s cheetah smuggling ring

Africa’s big cats are being trafficked to rich households in the Middle East who want ‘something more exotic’

Angola’s rival spy agencies on trial

Seven men are in jail for the death of two activists but no one knows who gave the order to kill them.

Angola’s fearful culture of silence

The divided country is celebrating 40 years of independence but it has been denied the chance to confront the past and heal its wounds.

Picarra: Angola’s Zapiro

Ending a long relationship with Novo Jornal, the Angolan cartoonist is still full of provocation.

‘Blurred lines’ on Angolan wealth fund

The IMF is worried that aspects of the alluring sovereign wealth pool are not clearly outlined.

Final act of Angola’s puppet master

News analysis: No one knows how the long-serving 'O Chefe' will escape the web of corruption he has woven.

Brutal crackdown fuels Angola rage

The country is on edge over the death of another activist – and the state's apparent glee.

Dos Santos feels heat over ‘murder’

The disappearance of two activists is a serious challenge to Angola's leader before he retires.

Angolan journo recognised for anti-corruption fight

Angolan journalist Rafael Marques de Morais has won a prestigious award recognising his efforts to fight graft and expose human rights abuse.

Swazi MPs face tough challenge

It is up to the new-look Parliament to drive through changes – which the king can veto.

Swaziland: Vicious cycle of poverty, hunger and death

The great majority of Swazis are living in post-conflict style emergency thanks to the greed of the country’s royal family a new report claims.

Downbeat prognosis for Swazi poll

Head of Commonwealth observer mission says there are grave concerns about a political system in Swaziland.

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