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Cecil the Lion: How the saga of its killing played out on Twitter

A lion in Zimbabwe named Cecil is hunted, shot and beheaded by an American dentist. Then things get really dramatic, real fast.

Nigeria’s Adesina wins battle for AfDB presidency

Akinwumi Adesina pitched phenomenal ideas such as an "African Google", a transnational electricity market and a regional stock exchange.

SA businesses in Africa could feel ‘heat’ of xenophobic attacks

Many around Africa have expressed outrage at the xenophobia in SA, while SA businesses operating in the rest of Africa begin to feel pressured.

China does not support rogue African states, it creates them – report

Africa can expect to witness more incidences of state-sponsored domestic violence, as Chinese aid increases, a new study shows.

African presidents spend millions to spruce up their dented images

African presidents from Goodluck Jonathan to Yoweri Museveni are allegedly spending millions on western PR specialists to fix their tarnished images.

10 things you didn’t know about ‘Mandela’s’ Robben Island

Many notable Africans were imprisoned at Robben Island - Namibians and Malagasy too, writes Christine Mungai.

So you think your African university fees are expensive? Try America

University student protests in Africa are rife with demands for lower fees to cheaper meals. Lee Mwiti looks at the reality of varsity fees globally.

SA 2nd on list of African countries with most female MPs

Despite gains, the overall picture is of an excruciatingly slow pace in increasing women's participation in the African political space, surveys show.

13 facts about slavery in Africa

European slaves were cheaper but Africans readily sold their own. Affecting millions it showed the horrors of forced labour in the 20th century.

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