Mark Potterton

World Bank report on Covid-19’s effect on education is disappointing

Especially in a country like South Africa with its huge inequalities, a digital divide and teacher unions

What we are learning about distance learning

Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg has learned some important lessons about teaching during the Covid-19 lockdown

Course notes on higher education transformation

Jonathan Jansen spells out the issues and difficulties in making SA a more equal society in his book, Leading for Change, writes Mark Potterton.

Primacy of exam results stunts pupils’ development

The education system focuses doggedly on the National Senior Certificate and the outcome of these exams, to the detriment of students.

Responsibility is a matter of principals

Improving access to quality education is a societal issue, but it’s for a school’s head to fish out the rot.

There is a way to weed out bullying

Teachers and pupils have a responsibility to animate a caring ethos in their institutions.

Nip bullying in the bud

Ideas on how to create caring schools that build self-esteem.

Teaching bullies a lesson

In part three of our series, <b>Mark Potterton</b> looks at what schools should do about bullying.

How to beat the bullies

In this second article in our series, <b>Mark Potterton</b> gives valuable tips on how to eradicate a worldwide scourge.

Bullying affects family life

Bullying is an ongoing problem in schools and in society. This month we start a series in which we explore what bullying is and how to deal with it.

Unique vs uniform

<b>Mark Potterton</b> tackles a subject that makes both parents and educators hot under the collar.

Breaking the blood knot

Jonathan Jansen's 'pardoning' of four University of the Free State students seems to run counter to some ideas in his groundbreaking book.

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