Nechama Brodie

Hate killings of black lesbians in South Africa: 2008 to 2018

The second part of an edited extract from Femicide in South Africa (Kwela) by Nechama Brodie lists the names of black lesbians who were murdered, allegedly because of their sexual orientation

‘We only write about them when they are dead’: Hate killings of black lesbians in South Africa

In her book ‘Femicide in South Africa’, journalist and researcher Nechama Brodie examines the violent history the country’s black lesbians have endured

Infodemic to infowar: The circus of disinformation will spin on

More people have died in South Africa from Covid-19 than have been murdered. This hasn’t stopped a misinformation pandemic from trying to misrepresent that reality

Breytenbach: Price of applying the law

The prosecutor took on the corrupt crime intelligence unit head and was suspended

How religious will the world be in the future? Here’s what the data says.

Far from the world becoming secular, there will be almost six billion Christian and Muslim believers by 2050, according to a series of reports.

[Archives] Is the student uprising of 2015 a harbinger of revolution?

Protests against colonialism and fees made an impact, but it’s too soon to judge SA’s rise or fall.

The future isn’t what it used to be

In 1985, where did we think we'd be in 2015? Not having déjà vu about police crackdowns, surely, as the world celebrated Back to the Future Day.

Crisis? What crisis? Africa Check tests Free State health claims

With last year's provincial medical services data now available, Africa Check questions the Free State health's assertions of "significant progress".

Has the ANC moved South Africa forward?

The ANC says it has a "good story to tell" ahead of the May 7 election. Does the story stand up to scrutiny? Africa Check examines the claims.

A chance to lighten up and show your metal

The colourful designs found at Makers of Stuff (MoS),create a personal connection between the product and the customer.

Zuma’s 2014 State of the Nation address fact-checked

President Jacob Zuma celebrated his government's achievements in his fifth State of the Nation address. How did he fare?

Pedal power gets a push in cycling

Vincent Truter, a Jo'burg 'cycologist' thinks electric bicycles will change the way you see your city – and the world.

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