Nechama Brodie

Simmi Areff is SA’s cup of tea

The funnyman may have irked Muslim ?authorities but his take on a world outside ?the corner shop has the nation in stitches.

As one, in a world apart

A trio of Israeli films being shown around South Africa, explore the often invisible ­Palestinian and Israeli victims of armed conflict.

Sweet-smelling? ‘ghost’

Jade Klara says she loves "magic and fantasy. We're bogged down with so much real life. It's nice just to believe magic can happen."

Are whites really being killed ‘like flies’?

Comments on SA's murder rate and the quality of life of white South Africans have been grossly exaggerated. Nechama Brodie tells us why.

Revisiting childhood means no mean feet

There are no cheap frills on Nic Haralambous's eye-catching men's socks.

Taking a page from a book of art

Bestselling author Lauren Beukes has a way with violence–a dark twisting of words.It's not a platform for cheap thrills, though.

Bitter bites the hand that feeds

It’s been five years since their last appearance, but Konradski and Joe Dog are back: older, a little more jaded – and with fewer penises.

Things of beauty: Ambra Gambale’s Skullchemy range

Jeweller Ambra Gambale’s excursion into memento mori started with a collection of roadkill - "silly things", she says, "little bird skulls".

Funky vehicles to build with the kids

A digger, a pick-up truck, a sports car and a beach buggy make up ­Dokter and Misses’ new range of self-assembly toy cars.

A clean line on the future

South African jeweller Kirsten Goss has become an international sensation.

Art you can wear on your neck

L'MAD's first collection features 10 silk scarves featuring artwork from established and emerging South African artists.

Hit the streets of Rio running

The city is committed to the social aspects of the sport and is hooking up a new generation.

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