Salim Vally

Echoes down the corridor: The meaning of June 16

The class of 1976 shook off the previous generation’s climate of fear and showed the country what it could achieve through mobilisation. Now, more than ever, we need to take heed

​Higher education not a commodity

In this submission to the Fees Commission, academics outline the implications of free higher education.

Quality, free university education is necessary – and possible

Many people dismiss the idea of free, quality public university education out of hand, but there are many ways to make it happen.

Unite both the head and the hand

We can overcome education models that still entrench social divisions.

Privatisation of schools vs the public good

Good-quality state education is a basic right enshrined in the Constitution.

‘Enough is as good as a feast’

A three-day conference focused on the themes expressed through the work of Neville Alexander.

Education and jobs don’t add up

Market-driven skills policies limit the potential of social development.

The revolutionary who changed many lives

Neville Alexander is remembered for his optimism and lucid insights into the political landscape.

Neville Alexander: Revolutionary who changed many lives

The death of Neville Alexander on August 27, coming as it does in the wake of the massacre of mineworkers at Marikana, is a double blow.

Science in the service of bad politics

The University of Johannesburg community should be congratulated for voting to sever links with Israel's Ben Gurion University.

The iron fist and the velvet glove

For many foreign activists at the World Summit the aura surrounding the post-apartheid state was sullied by both the connivance of South Africa's ruling class with big business and the extent of police brutality aimed at those expressing dissent.

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