Sarah Koopman

On the days when I’d rather stay in bed

The ‘nagging little monsters’ of anxiety taunt us as we journey on the pursuit of endless #goals

Taking the high road in the face of subtle racism

"I want to believe we’ve moved to greener grass. I know, we haven’t, and racists thrive among us daily".

Idiom restaurant celebrates a decade of excellence with paired wine tasting

Tucked away in the hills of the Helderberg, the new Idiom restaurant and wine tasting centre feels like an escape to another world.

Olive oil production in winter and wine in summer fit together like a hand in a glove

The Olive Shed on the Helshoogte pass has rekindled an age-old practice for award-winning olive oil production.

Women in tech talk about marginalisation and how to shatter glass ceilings

They believe they’re not taken seriously so a Cape Town conference was held to explore solutions.

Photography is an endeavour of love for the couple that work and play together

Seema Allie and Taariq September use their cameras to create the stories they want to tell.

Trigger warnings are essential and shouldn’t be overlooked in film screenings

A film about unpunished rape, shown without advance warning, may well leave the audience traumatised.

Fresh approach to women’s liberation: Femme opens up spaces for young women

Three creatives are using their company, Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment, to raise social awareness at high schools

The Yearning is ready for round two as it gears up for its second print run

Author Mohale Mashigo speaks about her writing journey and the second print run of her debut novel

​Too palatable for comfort: Am I complacently waiting for the winelands to change?

Sipping delicious wine in the gentle sun on weekend afternoons is a wonderful pastime but behind the vines the inequality is still strong.

Creative Mornings become a wake-up call for innovation, discussion and collaboration

Coffee, breakfast and a hearty helping of creative inspiration is a great way to start a morning.

Rapper Dope Saint Jude has found her cause — it’s reimagined and redefined

One of the foremost emcees out of Cape Town is making her unique sound known on a global stage and it’s bold, unapologetic and real.

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