Sen Muller

The poverty of poor economics

The winners of the Nobel prize in economics experiment on poor people, but their research doesn’t solve poverty

LETTER: The murder of Prof Kamwendo at UniZulu

Kamwendo’s murder is an incident that is simply at the extreme end of a spectrum of problematic dynamics in the South African academy

Tertiary institutions must initiate change, not pacify donors

The Rhodes Trust tries to mollify criticism of Cecil John Rhodes’s legacy while not offending its wealthy alumni and other donors.

Long wait for change in our varsities

Substantive transformation is central to UCT’s focus in the wake of the Rhodes statue debacle.

Policy isn’t a great part of our sums

New proposals to train better maths teachers ignore many schools’ resource constraints.

Transformation is not UCT’s priority

Yet it still claims it is working to change the racial demographic of its academic staff.

Academic privilege is a grey area

The many barriers faced by younger staff unfairly protect senior incumbents.

No replacement for ageing brains

As older academics retire, there seems to be little deliberate action to bring new blood on board.

The real threat to academe is internal

The phrase 'academic freedom' is meaningless without institutional quality and integrity.

University rankings a flawed tool

The manipulative game of comparison and quantification turns institutions into players, writes Sean Muller.

More PhDs are not the answer

Proper human resource development and career and succession planning in academia are far more important.

Publish or perish – and damage too?

The state's research-funding model does not serve all of academia equally well.

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