Sherine El Madany

Egypt Islamists claim second round of voting

Egypt's leading Islamist parties won about two-thirds of votes in the second round of polling for a Parliament that will draft a new Constitution.

Gaddafi’s men attack refinery

The interim council is struggling to assert its control over the entire country and capture a handful of stubbornly defended pro-Gaddafi towns.

Washington hints at softer line on Mubarak

The United States signalled it wanted an orderly transition of power in Egypt that could see Hosni Mubarak remaining president until September.

Leaders seek exit from Egypt impasse

Leaders were meeting inside and outside Egypt on Saturday to seek a way out of a dangerous impasse between President Hosni Mubarak and demonstrators.

Egyptians gather for march to oust Mubarak

Crowds gathered in Cairo on Tuesday for a protest they hoped would swell to a million people demanding an end to the rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters camp out as Mubarak turns to army

Egyptian protesters were camped out in central Cairo on Monday and vowed to stay until they had toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Lawlessness in Egypt as Mubarak clings on

The stench of blazing tyres filled the streets of Cairo on Sunday as President Hosni Mubarak sought to bargain with angry crowds.

Kalahari Bushmen win appeal

Botswana's Court of Appeal has struck down an earlier ruling that denied Kalahari Bushmen access to water on their ancestral land.

Copts protesting bombing clash with Egypt police

Coptic Christians clashed with police on Sunday as they demanded more protection for Egypt's Christians following a bombing that killed 21.

Egypt holds seven for questioning after church blast

Egypt is holding seven people for questioning over the New Year's Day bombing of a church in the northern city of Alexandria.

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