/ 20 November 2020

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Cassi Namoda’s We have become strangers (Fight with a javelin and boron). An ode to Goya (2020)

Cassi Namoda:  To Live Long is to See Much

To Live Long is to See Much, Cassi Namoda’s new collection of work, offers prescient reflection on life experience, thresholds, and the passage of time. The exhibition presents a series of tableaus and various forms that weave narratives of magic realism into the verdant Mozambican landscape.  

Details: The show runs at the Goodman Gallery, 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg until 16 January. For bookings, contact [email protected] 

Sthenjwa Luthuli: Inkaba Yami

Presented as a series of painted hand-carved wooden panels, in this new work, Sthenjwa Luthuli powerfully binds spiritual and physical worlds by inscribing the surface with the value of a tangible ritual; in this case the ritual of inkaba. Through his language of pattern-making, Luthuli depicts what he refers to as the “unknown space”; a space that represents threshold or infinite expanse where ancestors and living descendants coalesce. 

Details: The show runs at What if the World, First Floor, 16 Buiten Street, Cape Town, until 16 January. Viewings by appointment, between Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm. For bookings, contact [email protected]  

Soweto Kool Sessions

These live music sessions are back after a long hiatus, with Soweto-based acts Aluta Amada, Themba the Jazzchild and Supahero.

Details: The event takes place on November 28 at 2471 Thibedi Street, Orlando East, Soweto, Johannesburg. Doors open at 2pm and tickets cost R30 at the door

Soweto International Film Festival 

The 37th annual Soweto Festival and Expo is an arts, culture and heritage festival. In the 2020 programme, the Soweto International Film Festival will feature documentaries, talks and theatre productions themed around gender-based violence.

Details: The festival runs from 23 to 27 November. For more information on the Soweto International Film Festival, please email: [email protected]