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Covid-19 and virtual reality: The cultural cost of going online

Many companies in the arts and culture sector are offering virtual tours of their spaces in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But artists are missing the personal engagement with their audience

South Africa’s economic plan for Covid-19

Relief for small businesses, tax breaks, employment incentives — Ramaphosa’s drastic measures to fight the effects of Covid-19

Ramaphosa announces 21-day lockdown to curb Covid-19

What it means for workers, students, shops, pensioners — all the details

Social protection policies can help to combat Covid-19, and mitigate its effects

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of national health insurance, mandatory sick leave and unemployment benefits

Statement by President Ramaphosa on escalation of measures to combat Covid-19 epidemic

Read the full statement by President Ramaphosa on escalation of measures to combat Covid-19 epidemic

Watch it again: Ramaphosa addresses the nation on Covid-19

Earlier on Sunday, the president met with ministers and business about the impact of Covid-19 on the country

Covid-19 disrupts government in SA

The government has put stringent measures in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and the National Assembly, provincial outreach programmes and municipalities have had to comply

Ramaphosa scheduled to address the nation on Covid-19

One week after declaring a national state of disaster, President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation over the outbreak of Covid-19

Social justice groups call for halt on evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic

Twenty-seven organisations have penned a letter to the presidency calling for evictions to be banned in an effort to protect vulnerable groups

Covid-19: Are we at a disadvantage compared to China and Singapore?

South Africans are economically stressed and will quickly find ways to circumvent restrictions. Without social mobilisation we won't be able to ensure the compliance that other countries have been able to enforce

SAA endgame arrives as Covid-19 hits airlines

With the disease hitting the airline industry hard, SAA has told employees it will run out of money by March 31. Workers must either lose their jobs or move to part-time jobs, it says

Covid-19 comes at a big cost to limiting climate change

Covid-19 seems to have resulted in a drop in carbon emissions, but this is at a terrible cost to life and the economy. It is unlikely to last.

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