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US team in London to look at gold sanctions

A team from the United States Government Accounting Office are in Britain to examine the feasibility of imposing sanctions on South Africa's gold.

Battle of the bald eagles

The National Party failed last night to resolve the battle between South Africa's two most powerful men.

PW bounces back and that little ray of glasnot dims

It had been generally assumed that PW Botha would return to office for a brief period, then retire gracefully.

Sinister soccer man

The strange and suspicious history of Winnie's coach.

Behind the glass, four accussed who won’t speak

The Delmas II trial resembles its famous predecessor only in the severity of the charges. Vusi Kunene reports.

Soccer team feud in bloody spiral

As gun-fire kills child, the puzzle is: Who is really behind this club?

Puzzle of the bogus ‘HSRC’ research

Bogus questionnaires bearing the name of the HSRC are being used by a shadowy group apparently linked to state intelligence.

Hunger strike victory

Statement comes from prison: 'We are eating again. A major victory has been won'

Winnie banished – by her own people

Winnie Mandela has begun a term of banishment and internal exile in Soweto much harsher than her eight years of isolation in Brandfort.

The all-woman hit squad shoots back at rapists

A woman is raped every eight minutes in South Africa, according to People Opposed to Woman Abuse (Powa).

Vlok’s prison strike crisis

The detainees' hunger strike now involving almost 300 inmates, seven of whom are in hospital is developing into a crisis for the government.

‘Comrades’ unearth missing Stompie’s body

"Stompie", who real name has been given as James Sepei, was one of four youths allegedly abducted from a Soweto church by the football team.

PW stuns the Nats

As MPs file into caucus meeting, a letter of resignation arrives.

FW: The man who leaves no footprints

The new leader of the National Party and putative state president, FW de Klerk, is South Africa's George Bush.

Friday’s D-Day for Winnie’s team

Today is expected to be D-Day for the "football team" associated with Winnie Mandela.

Profile: Abu Asvat

A personal tribute by Ameen Akhalwaya -- Editor of The Indicator in Lenasia, and a long-time friend of Asvat's.

Feuds led to Pietie’s tumble

A family feud about money is believed to have led to disclosure of alleged financial irregularities involving the Minister of Manpower.

Soweto anger at Winnie team’

Widespread grievances over the activities of the "football team" associated with Winnie Mandela came to a head at a major community meeting.

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