Markets can’t do it alone

"All thinking people throughout the world recognise that global poverty constitutes the deepest and most dangerous structural fault," writes Thabo Mbeki.

Madiba, we thank you

For what shall we thank Nelson Mandela? Shall we thank him for all those months he spent on the run criss-crossing the country and, like an elusive rabbit, dashing into the nearest hole at the sign of danger?

No mercy mission

Like the world's oldest profession, the Republican administration of United States President George W Bush has interests, rather than principles.

Dangers of alarmism

There are large elements of shadow boxing in the high-profile tiff between African National Congress MP Johnny de Lange and senior judges, and it is gross overreaction to suggest that the independence of the judiciary is under threat.

Facts, not fallacy

President Thabo Mbeki rounds off his weekly missive on the African National Congress website with the apt call: "What our country needs is substance and not shadows, facts instead of allegations…" Precisely!

G8 economists in retreat

The G8 summit is no longer just about economics, as seen in the agenda of the recent Evian meeting, which spans the Middle East, arms sales and Aids, among other matters.

This must be probed

South Africans have cause for the gravest possible misgivings about the labyrinthine oil deal exposed in this edition of the <i>Mail & Guardian</i>. If it had panned out as projected, the deal would have held major benefits for South Africa.

Symbolic milestone

There can be no doubt that the sanctions recommended by Parliament's ethics committee on Minister of Defence Mosiuoa Lekota - a written reprimand by the speaker and a week's forfeiture of salary - are a symbolic milestone.

No tip for Mr Delivery

Mr Delivery. That's how some members of the presidency characterised the ascendancy of President Thabo Mbeki in 1999. Since then Mbeki has run a managerialist presidency where emphasis is placed on delivering the "better life for all" that is a cornerstone of the African National Congress in office.

Living non-racialism

According to a report in the <i>Mail & Guardian</i> two weeks ago, Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang recently attacked Mark Heywood in public as a white man who manipulates Africans to take part in Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) actions.

Ten years on and it’s better than before

In the past six weeks much debate has been generated over whether blacks are worse off today than they were before 1994. Many of us "nouveau" free South Africans experience a sense of shock at being forced to respond to this question.

ANC must practise what it preaches

The system works. The conviction of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, African National Congress MP, Women's League president and national executive committee member, shows that the criminal justice system will convict even the politically most powerful.

Hollow victory for the war whores

It would be a grave mistake to view the scenes of rejoicing in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein as a post hoc sanctification of the United States's criminal invasion of Iraq.

This is everyone’s fight

Zackie Achmat's article in last week's edition of the <i>Mail&Guardian</i>, "A long walk to civil disobedience", deserves consideration and a response that is rational and measured. It will be a serious mistake if anyone, in his or her right-thinking mind, would stoop to the level of the author and personalise the important subject of HIV/Aids.

Power to black power

Good legislation is made when it achieves the careful balances required to satisfy the different interests in society. Such balance means a law does not favour any particular interest group and therefore prejudice another.

The long walk to civil disobedience

The campaign for Aids treatment is also a fight for the ANC's traditions of freedom and dignity, writes Zackie Achmat.

Enemies of decency

In these times of helplessness, there are only so many words one can say about the wretched war being fought in the desert of Iraq and there only so many slogans that can be chanted in opposition to it.

Bush and the English language

This war business gets no easier to understand... especially while trying to decipher what George 'A Metaphor For Every Occasion' Bush is actually saying...