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/ 29 May 2008

Analysts: Violence jolts complacent ANC

Two weeks of anti-foreigner violence in South Africa have highlighted the growing disconnect between a public impatient for change and a governing party that claims a divine right to rule. Although there is little prospect of the African National Congress (ANC) losing next year’s elections, genuine signs of anger have emerged during the crisis.

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/ 12 February 2008

Google’s Android debuts in Barcelona

The first cellphones fitted with Google’s Android software platform made their debut at an industry trade show on Monday, a milestone for the internet giant as it looks to dominate the wireless world. A handful of chip makers showed off prototype handsets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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/ 23 January 2008

Economic woes dampen Davos party

The annual Davos gathering of the world’s political and business elite opened on Wednesday with the fragile state of the world economy and stock-market turmoil casting a pall over the glitzy get-together. In recent years the annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort has been held against a backdrop of bumper corporate profits, strong economic growth and tame inflation.

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/ 23 September 2005

The sound of cancer

British electronic music whizz Matthew Herbert is hoping to become the first musician ever to use the sound of cancer in a dance track. The London-based musician is working on the follow-up album to <i>Plat du Jour</i>, released worldwide this year, which was made using sampled recordings of food to raise awareness about the industrialisation of modern farming methods.