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/ 31 December 2007

Pakistan elections hang in the balance

Pakistani officials were to meet on Monday to decide the fate of scheduled January 8 elections, after Benazir Bhutto’s party announced it would contest the vote despite her assassination. The vote, seen as a key step in the nuclear-armed nation’s transition back to democracy after eight years of military rule, has been thrown into disarray by her slaying.

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/ 6 October 2007

Musharraf heads for disputed election win

Pakistani lawmakers began voting on Saturday in a presidential election that Pervez Musharraf is set to win despite a court ruling that delays the declaration of a result and could yet deny him victory. Musharraf, who seized control of the world’s only nuclear-armed Islamic nation in a 1999 coup, is assured of the votes he needs for another five year-term.

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/ 9 December 2006

Taliban in Pakistan seek revenge for Nato bombings

Elderly Mohammed Nabi pounded his fist on the rug at his mudbrick house in south-west Pakistan and told how the Taliban recruited his cousin to avenge Nato bombings across the border. "He didn’t say he was going for jihad, he said he was going to Afghanistan to visit our ancestral village about two months ago," raged the white-bearded Afghan refugee.

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/ 6 February 2006

Pakistan quake victims await an uncertain spring

Spring is around the corner for millions of Pakistanis left homeless by last year’s giant earthquake, even if it doesn’t feel like it as Hafez Gullamullah tramps through knee-deep snow. When the thaw comes at the end of March in Pitchbala, the father-of-three and his fellow villagers will finally be able to start rebuilding their homes.