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/ 9 December 2007

Nasa calls off shuttle’s second launch try

Nasa cancelled its second launch attempt of space shuttle Atlantis after a sensor in an emergency engine cutoff system failed again on Sunday, once more delaying Europe’s major contribution to the International Space Station. Atlantis and its seven astronauts are due to deliver Europe’s Columbus science laboratory module to the space station.

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/ 9 June 2007

Space shuttle blasts off for space station

The United States space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on a construction mission to the International Space Station on Friday, ending a three-month grounding to repair the ship’s hail-battered fuel tank. The launch bolstered Nasa’s hopes of finishing work on the -billion orbital research outpost.

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/ 22 December 2006

Jury rules in favour of Williams sisters

Serena and Venus Williams did not violate a contract with two promoters by not appearing at a 2001 tennis event, a jury ruled on Thursday. Promoters said they lost millions of dollars because the stars did not play, but jurors agreed with the argument of their attorney that their father, Richard Williams, was not empowered to represent them when he made the deal.

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/ 26 October 2006

US space probes launched to capture 3D sun image

An unmanned Delta rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida on Wednesday carrying a pair of solar probes to track potentially disruptive solar storms. The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or Stereo, is designed to take three-dimensional pictures of the solar outbursts so scientists can pinpoint where the storms are heading.

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/ 5 October 2005

Discovery’s foam loss possibly caused by workers

Workers may have accidentally cut or crushed the section of foam that broke off Discovery‘s fuel tank during its launch two months ago — a mishap that threatened the safety of the astronauts and grounded the shuttle fleet. That is the leading theory for the cause behind the disturbing loss of foam insulation that cast a cloud over Nasa’s return to space, said Wayne Hale, the new manager of the space shuttle programme.

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/ 9 August 2005

Discovery crew readies for return to Earth

Discovery‘s crew early on Tuesday made final preparations for a predawn return to Earth that will mark the conclusion of the first space shuttle flight since the 2003 Columbia disaster. The seven astronauts closed the payload area’s massive baydoors in preparation for the homebound journey that initially had been scheduled for Monday.

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/ 8 August 2005

Shuttle landing delayed

The landing of the beleaguered Discovery space shuttle has been delayed due to low clouds over Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre, Nasa announced this morning. The seven astronauts were originally preparing to land on Monday morning, but the bad weather put the landing back to later in the day.

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/ 8 August 2005

Nasa holds its breath

The United States space agency Nasa will hope to lay the ghosts of the Columbia disaster to rest on Monday morning as it guides the shuttle Discovery back to earth at the end of the US’s first manned space mission for two-and-a-half years.

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/ 29 July 2005

As Discovery docks, debris crisis irks Nasa

Nasa pledged to press ahead with its troubled space shuttle programme on Thursday night after its decision to ground the ageing fleet over safety fears raised new questions about the agency’s future direction. Shuttle managers now admit they may never be able to solve the debris problem that doomed the Columbia shuttle two years ago.

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/ 11 July 2005

Hurricane Dennis pounds Florida

Hurricane Dennis sent Gulf coast residents fleeing on Sunday, but spared the region the worst of the predicted devastation after it weakened shortly before landfall. The hurricane, which left 32 people in Haiti and Cuba dead, arrived in Alabama and northwestern Florida packing 192kph winds, pounding the beachfronts in an area that was hit by Hurricane Ivan just 10 months ago.

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/ 31 March 2005

Terri Schiavo dies

Terri Schiavo, the severely brain damaged woman at the centre of a right-to-die controversy in the United States, died on Thursday in a Florida hospice almost two weeks after her feeding tube was cut off, a spokesperson for her parents said.

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/ 3 September 2004

Florida residents scatter before hurricane

The long avenues in West Palm Beach are deserted, stores are closed and shuttered, here and there a man struggles in the damp wind to board up his windows against the impending menace of Hurricane Frances, the worst storm to hit the state of Florida in 10 years. Frances should make landfall in Florida at 8pm local time on Saturday.

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/ 15 August 2004

Hurricane batters Florida

Hurricane Charley blew out of Florida on Saturday leaving death and destruction in its wake. The storm had battered the US coast with an unexpected wind force and a 15ft-high surge of seawater that destroyed airports, hospitals and homes. Initial estimates of fatalities ranged from dozens to more than 200.