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Netanyahu on path for victory in Israeli election

Netanyahu sought to portray himself as Israel's essential statesman in the run-up to the vote and highlighted his bond with US President Donald Trump

Israel election: What are the key issues for voters?

Security, corruption and the economy have been dominating the campaigns before Tuesday's vote

Gaza protests bring bloodshed but scarce gain as anniversary looms

Thousands of Palestinians have gathered at least weekly along the border in protests dubbed the Great March of Return

Devastated by Israeli attacks on Gaza, but not deterred

The tenacity of Palestinian people in the face of brutal annihilation should encourage us all

Ceasefire puts Qatar’s role in Gaza back in spotlight

Qatar's involvement in the Gaza Strip contributed to an Israeli political crisis in recent days that almost brought down the government

Street artist Banksy interprets Gaza strife with irony

British artist Banksy makes comment on Gaza's privations in a satirical mini-video that depicts the war-torn strip as a peculiar utopia.

UN watchdog demands Israeli abuses be probed

The group urged Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians, and demanded the country probe violations committed during repeated assaults on Gaza.

Gaza: Israel-Palestine ceasefire incites mixed reactions

While the ANC has welcomed it, an open-ended ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians has faced strong criticism in Israel's media.

Gaza: Israeli airstrikes signal new escalation in fighting

Around 30 people were wounded in airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. The targeting of big buildings appears to be part of a new military tactic by Israel.

Gaza death toll rises as donors to pledge funds for reconstruction

Over 2 000 people have been killed in Gaza, as donors are set to meet in Cairo to offer funds for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Ban Ki-moon welcomes fresh Israel, Hamas ceasefire

Following news of a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the ​UN secretary general has urged the two sides to work towards a longer-term truce.

Netanyahu: Israel won’t engage in negotiations under fire

Benjamin Netanyahu says ​Israel will not return to talks to end the conflict in Gaza while Palestinian militants continue rocket attacks.

March for Gaza one of the biggest Cape Town has seen

Cape Town was brought to a standstill as "more than 100 000" people supporting Palestine have marched to Parliament.

‘Israel is free to trade with SA’ – DTI

SA won't impose trade restrictions on Israel but speaking at a business forum, President Jacob Zuma has condemned the violence in the Gaza Strip.

British PM condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza

Adding his voice to an outraged international community, David Cameron said the UN was "right" to condemn the shelling of a UN school in Gaza.

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Zuma foundation claims ex-president was prepared to testify, but Zondo played politics

Zuma’s namesake organisation twists facts and the law – he told Zondo he would answer questions but only in private to the deputy chief justice

President urges caution against more contagious Covid variant as SA moves to level 1

The curfew is shorter, alcohol sale times almost normal and more people can meet at religious, social, political and cultural gatherings

Zulu land body challenges audit outcome

Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

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