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Review: ‘A New Country’ portrays the lingering aftertaste of a bittersweet freedom

Taking its cues from the dimming of the hope suggested by rainbowism, ‘A New Country’ attempts to articulate the depths of betrayal South Africans feel

Feeding frenzy in the world’s newest country, Sudan

As South Sudan begins its journey towards development, the rest of the world is descending in droves. Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak report.

Africa 3.0: Cruisers and corruption, Juba style

Where you see a proliferation of Toyota Land Cruisers in a developing nation, you know there's trouble.

Africa 3.0: State of Dis-Unity

Unity State in the north of the Republic of South Sudan is rich in oil reserves - meaning, of course, that it should also be a driver of growth.

Africa 3.0: Meet the gubernator

Meet Nyandeng Malek Dielic, the only female governor in the Republic of South Sudan.

Africa 3.0: Making good food in a tough town

When Osman Abdelmoniem first arrived in Juba in 2005, there was one tarred road and a tent in a camp cost him $350 a night.

Africa 3.0: Tuning into the future

In the International Bank Building overlooking Juba's remarkably active airport, we meet with a journalist named Clement Lochio Lomornana.

Juba: An old Jo’burg

Richard Poplak and Kevin Bloom are in South Sudan this week. Their first stop: Juba, a capital coming into its own.

Who will shake SA Jewry’s faith in Israel?

In SA's Jewish community there is no one to explain to us that we can no longer use past victimhood to justify Israel's actions, writes Kevin Bloom.

Making a Plan

If you want to make a quick buck, so the saying goes, stay out of media. If your heart's set, we could add, stay out of business media. The stumbling blocks to profit in the sector are legion, and it's not as if there's a lack of competition. Here Kevin Bloom looks at some brands that have come up with innovative responses to the challenges.

The point of journalism

If the point of journalism is to "speak truth to power", the month of October reconfirmed the purpose of South African media. Expressions of surprise at the candour of certain editorial pieces (implying frankness is not something we're used to?) were rife across the industry, followed closely by guesses as to what the eventual consequences might be.

Media in Africa

This year, as a variation on the theme in last December's African issue, we have decided to focus solely on the South African media companies doing business north of our borders. We have done this because it's far more relevant to our readers.

Mpofu’s Vast Vision

The new CEO of the SABC Dali Mpofu has a plan to take the public broadcaster into Africa on an unprecedented scale. It involves two 24-hour channels in a range of colonial and indigenous languages. It involves content tailor-made for each of the continent's economic blocs. It involves the aspirations of Nepad and the African Union. It will take massive political and financial clout to achieve. Kevin Bloom reports.

Spoiling the Cereal

The breakfast jocks are the big hitters in adult contemporary radio - they have a big effect on advertiser demand and a station's rates. Jeremy Mansfield has dominated the genre for almost a decade, but is his time up? Kevin Bloom reports.

Radio 2000 answers disgruntled gays, Christians

Following a period of sustained criticism for cutting back or cancelling the air-time of gay and Christian groups, SABC national station Radio 2000 has reacted strongly with the assertion that their new programme schedule – implemented this month – fulfils the public broadcasting mandate as dictated by regulator Icasa.

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Mboweni says no more Zondo funding as court extends commission’s lifespan

The finance minister suggests money should be found from the cash-strapped justice department

SABC retrenchment process set to be finalised on Friday

At a portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday, developing a sustainable funding model for the SABC was top of the agenda

Slain top cop blamed for not cooperating with police

The widow of Charl Kinnear submitted a petition to parliament to find out why protection services were withdrawn before her husband’s assassination

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