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/ 29 November 2007

Australia’s Rudd names Cabinet, signals change

Australia’s Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd unveiled his Cabinet on Thursday, prioritising education, industrial relations and the environment in a break with conservative predecessor John Howard’s legacy. Calling it "a team with fresh ideas", Rudd included four women and a former rock star in the Cabinet.

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/ 24 November 2007

Australia’s Labour claims election victory

Australia’s Labour party claimed victory in national elections on Saturday, signalling an end to 11 years of conservative government led by Prime Minister John Howard. "On the numbers we are seeing tonight, Labour is going to form a government," Labour’s deputy leader, Julia Gillard, told Australian television.

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/ 21 November 2007

UK’s Brown faces fury over huge data blunder

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faced angry questions from lawmakers on Wednesday after confidential records containing nearly half the population’s bank details went missing in the post. The disappearance of about 25-million people’s personal data vanished in the biggest-ever loss of personal information by any government.