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What 10 years post-2008 tell us

Global growth has been surprisingly strong, but the surge in buybacks is limiting expenditure and could cause more political turmoil

Austerity is an assault on the poor

Hyper-cartels now determine the global market, feeding the few and starving the many

Turkey’s lira turmoil could herald a global financial crisis

A decade of unconventional monetary policy has stored up immense vulnerabilities in the world economy

Africa still scares fund managers

Once called the "dark continent", Africa is now better known as the next growth frontier and is ripe for investment opportunities

Ireland may be Europe’s only hope

Ireland was the Icarus economy. An export sector that does not rely on banks for funding has managed to keep the economy afloat.

9/11 more akin to the Titanic disaster than Pearl Harbour

In the long run, the 15 September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers is likely to be seen as more significant than the fall of the Twin Towers.

Greece: The new Lehmans

If Athens reneges on its debts it will shatter the markets' confidence in the eurozone project.

Examiner sees accounting gimmicks in Lehman demise

Lehman Brothers Holdings used accounting gimmicks and had been insolvent for weeks before it filed for bankruptcy in September 2008.

Too hot to handle: how Lehman Brothers went down

For the next four weeks, the fear that any bank anywhere, no matter how big, could be at risk would stalk the markets.

Obama lashes out at Wall Street

United States President Barack Obama bluntly warned on Monday that some Wall Street bosses were ignoring lessons of the financial crisis.

Bailing out Big Motor

Having sabotaged eco-innovations, the motor industry is now demanding billions, writes George Monbiot.

Markets bounce as Europe unveils crisis packages

Governments around the globe launched a multi-pronged attack on the finance crisis on Monday, with markets enjoying record one-day rises.

Day the time bombs went off

If this is the death of Wall Street as we know it, the tombstone will read: killed by complexity.

Gold shines as markets shudder

The JSE lost 7% in the first three days of this week as the world faced the biggest financial meltdown since 1929.

Debt rescue efforts spark rally on global markets

A US government promise to rescue Wall Street from its debt crisis and global central bank intervention spurred a mass market rally on Friday.

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