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Donen’s done, but the Oil for Food saga may not be over

Political heavyweights Kgalema Motlanthe and Tokyo Sexwale may be in the clear -- but that doesn't mean no one did anything wrong in the Oilgate saga.

Donen Report leaves Oilgate players in the clear

The Donen report on allegations of illicit activities in the UN's Iraq oil for food programme has found that no South African law was broken.

The Oil for Food scandal so far

The release of the Donen report into the Oil for Food scandal may well reopen a Pandora's box of allegations about kickbacks and diplomatic favours traded for oil from Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Tokyo, Kgalema fuming over Zuma’s oily move

Kgalema Motlanthe and Tokyo Sexwale are deeply unhappy about President Jacob Zuma's decision to release the Donen report into the Oilgate scandal.

Zuma’s questionable motives

Is it an ambush by scandal on the road to Mangaung or a wise capitulation in the face of a near-certain court defeat?

Free-for- all ahead of Mangaung 2012

In the countdown to the ANC's elective conference nothing can be taken at face value.

Oilgate report timing questioned ahead of Mangaung

The timing of President Zuma's release of the Oilgate report has raised eyebrows, as it is said to implicate his rivals for the ANC presidency.

Zuma to release Oilgate report in December

President Jacob Zuma will release the report on the involvement of South Africans in the Iraq oil-for-food programme in December.

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The court held that the ongoing state of disaster meant there was public interest in the legal test applied to measures taken to contain the pandemic

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The former president has one week to file answering papers in the application that also seeks a prison sentence imposed on him

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