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Power crisis undermines future of Heidelberg farmers

A proposed Gauteng coal mine is threatening 20 000 hectares of food-rich land and vital water sources.

Eskom threatens to turn off the lights in Free State towns

Three municipalities face power cuts over unpaid Eskom bills, while one acting municipal manager is sentenced to six months for contempt of court.

Nene skimps on details of assets sale

The minister proposes a temporary increase in the electricity levy but few believe it will end.

The wheels are coming off Eskom’s ‘skorokoro’

The power utility employed car analogies to explain that poor generator maintenance will be to blame for the lack of electricity in the near future.

Eskom’s R7-billion profit not enough to power its future

Eskom has warned that its R7-billion profit will not be enough to meet its revenue shortfall over the next five years and keep the lights on.

Nuclear urgency raises alarm

The state seems set on going the atomic route despite the huge financial implications.

Eskom declares power emergency, threatens load shedding

Eskom has declared a power emergency as a result of severe constraints on the national power grid.

SA hit by power cuts after Eskom emergency

Power has been cut in various parts of the country on Thursday after Eskom declared an emergency.

Electricity restored to some areas, says City Power

Power has been restored in Lawley and Lenasia South, while other parts of Jo'burg could be left in the dark over the weekend, says City Power.

India suffers second day of power failure

A massive power failure has hit India for the second day running as three regional power grids collapsed, blacking out more than half the country.

Ballooning debt cuts off the power

Zimbabwe finally realising the long awaited power crisis.

SA needs co-generation to avoid power crisis

SA needs to taps its 2 000MW co-generation potential to avoid another power crisis, an industry official said on Wednesday

Cosatu says power strike vindicated

Cosatu said admissions made at a conference on the mining industry's response to the power crisis have "totally vindicated" its mass-action campaign.

Nersa: Power crisis cost SA about R50bn

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) on Tuesday estimated the cost of the energy shortage to be about R50-billion.

Controlled shutdown at Koeberg’s unit two

Eskom confirmed on Tuesday that it initiated a controlled shutdown of unit two of Koeberg power station near Cape Town following a technical fault.

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Mpumalanga premier fined for attending Mthembu funeral without a mask

Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane goes into isolation and pledges to buy 1000 masks to show her ‘remorse’

R2.3bn VBS trial expected to only begin in 2022

The state is expected to request a 16 week-long trial, as delays stymie progress in the saga.

Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

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