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/ 29 January 2008

Egypt boosts security to stem tide of Palestinians

Egypt boosted security around the border town of Rafah on Tuesday and resealed parts of the barrier blasted open a week ago as it tried to control the flow of people in and out of the Gaza Strip. Egyptian forces strung barbed wire along some of the gaps between two gates leading into the Palestinian territory, while riot police were deployed.

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/ 25 January 2008

Egypt begins closing Gaza border, tensions flare

Egypt began closing its breached border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on Friday, using barbed wire and water cannons to keep Palestinians from crossing into Egypt in defiance of an Israeli blockade. Israeli air strikes overnight killed four Palestinian militants in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, where Hamas blasted open the border wall on Wednesday.

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/ 24 January 2008

Gazans pour into Egypt for second day

Gazans poured into Egypt for a second consecutive day on Thursday to stock up on supplies after militants blew open the border barrier of the Hamas-run territory, witnesses said. Hundreds of people continued to cross the border, most of them intent on buying goods on the Egyptian side a week after Israel imposed a blockade on territory.

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/ 24 July 2007

Egypt police shoot Sudan migrant at Israel border

Egyptian police opened fire on two Sudanese migrants trying to sneak across the border into Israel, injuring one, security sources said on Tuesday. A security source told Reuters the men, accompanied by traffickers smuggling them across the border, were trying to cross the border south of the Rafah crossing on Monday when they were spotted by border guards.

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/ 6 July 2006

US Army sparks a fashion craze in militant Gaza

Wearing a green Hamas headband, waving a Hamas flag, swinging a Kalashnikov and chanting for Israel’s demise, Bassem Shorah looks to be a prototypical Palestinian militant. His olive green shirt, however, tells a different story. It’s a spot-on replica of those worn by soldiers in the United States Army, replete with combat patches and unit designations.

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/ 9 June 2006

Palestinian militant killed in Israeli air strike

The Palestinian government’s security chief, a key player in rocket attacks on Israel, was killed late on Thursday in an Israeli air strike that threatened to escalate clashes between the two sides into a far fiercer conflict. The militantly anti-Israel Hamas government called Jamal Abu Samhadana’s assassination a direct assault on the Palestinian Authority.

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/ 25 November 2005

Gaza gateway to turn ‘borders into bridges’

The Rafah border, Gaza’s only link to the outside world that bypasses Israel, was declared open by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Friday after being shut for nearly three months. ”It is a dream come true for us to be here to celebrate the reopening of the Rafah terminal,” Abbas told Palestinian and foreign dignitaries.

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/ 28 September 2005

For Egypt, a stark new dilemma at Gaza border

Armed with an automatic rifle, the Egyptian guard, Ahmed, took shelter from the scorching sun in the ruins of an old border crossing. Nearby, a Palestinian teenager from the Gaza side of this poor border town emerged from a bushy trail that stretches across the buffer of clumsy barbed wire fences and guard posts. Then the 14-year-old, Salama, sneaked across the porous frontier, hauling a plastic bag.

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/ 16 September 2005

Palestinians engulf security forces

Thousands of Palestinians broke through Egyptian and Palestinian Authority lines on the Gaza border on Friday, pouring into Egypt in defiance of government attempts to secure the frontier. It was the second afternoon in a row when crowd power overwhelmed the measures imposed in the morning to restore order on the Gaza-Egypt border.

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/ 15 September 2005

Police vow to stem tide of Palestinians

Hundreds of people continued to cross the border between Gaza and Egypt unhindered on Thursday despite efforts by police on both sides of the frontier to assert control. Around 30 Palestinian police and 20 Egyptian border guards took up positions at dawn on the main road straddling the border but just hours later they failed to stop a group of Palestinians.

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/ 14 September 2005

Hamas blows hole in Gaza barrier

Hamas militants blew a gaping hole on Wednesday in a concrete barrier on the Gaza Strip’s southern border, enabling Palestinians to continue surging into Egypt despite pledges to restore order. Under pressure from Israel, Egyptian authorities set a new deadline for all Palestinians to return to the Gaza side.

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/ 9 December 2004

Militants survive Gaza Strip air strike

The wanted leader of a Palestinian militant group and two of his lieutenants survived an Israeli assassination bid on Thursday after an air strike targeted their vehicle in the southern Gaza Strip. An unmanned plane fired a rocket at the white-coloured vehicle that was carrying three members of the militant Popular Resistance Committees.

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/ 24 May 2004

Snipers taking out children

The tiny hole buried under Asma Mughayar’s thick black hair, just above her right ear, is an illusion, according to the Israeli army. So is her family’s insistance that Asma (16) and her younger brother Ahmed, were both shot through the head by an Israeli soldier. As the carnage in Rafah escalates, bullet wounds belie the official Israeli line on killings of young teenagers.

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/ 18 May 2004

‘There were rockets, shells. It was war’

Um Hisham Qishta stood at the spot where she cradled a dying Israeli soldier in her arms a few days ago and said she was going nowhere. But just in case the armoured bulldozers came too close, she bundled the entire contents of her immaculate flat into plastic sacks on Monday and sent the furniture off on the back of a donkey cart.

  • 17 Palestinians killed in Rafah
  • ‘Israeli army is like a savage dog’
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    / 24 December 2003

    Israel winds down deadly raid

    The Israeli army called a halt on Wednesday to a massive operation in the southern Gaza Strip as the death toll rose to nine from a raid denounced as a ”massacre” by the Palestinians and condemned by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan. Medical sources said that nine Palestinians are known to have died in the raid.