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Lady Zamar: Is a woman’s word ever good enough on its own?

After news that house songstress Lady Zamar opened a rape case against hip-hop crooner Sjava, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival has removed him from its 2020 lineup

Survivors of gender-based violence fight to be heard

Gender-based violence is escalating as the social crisis deepens. Some activists want a special council for survivors

Rapists who prey on the mentally ill

Mentally ill men and women are easy targets for rapists, who are often known to them, and they don’t always report such incidents through fear

Soaring sexual violence pushes Sierra Leone to face ‘rape culture’

Many attacks go unpunished, and those that are reported often fail to end in indictments or make it through the judicial system, rights groups say

SA to launch plan to tackle gender-based violence. Read Ramaphosa’s speech here.

"Twenty-thousand people were killed in the past year. The majority of killers and victims are men," Ramaphosa says at summit.

Could this protect hundreds of children from being raped?

Life Orientation 2.0? Why it may be time for a new take on an old subject.

Why rape counselling needs to hit the road and other ways to make services better

When people can't get to healthcare, healthcare needs get to them.

Teach our boy children well

We must teach our sons to respect women, call out buddies and check our own attitude

#MeToo implies we’re the problem

Breaking the silence on sexual violation is powerful but how we do it is another question

Rape myths inflict more harm on victims

Sexual assault survivors are silenced by societal prejudice, lack of support from their community or family, secondary trauma and rape myths.

A silence that begins at home

We need to air our own complicity in muting the voices of sexual assault victims

Snap of shame: The rough road to stamping out ‘revenge porn’

Victims will suffer while laws criminalising image-based sexual abuse are being developed

Stop victim-blaming. It’s perverse

"We must ask difficult questions about the underlying drivers of violence if we are to eliminate gratuitous violence in society"

Suspect arrested in grisly murder of Klerksdorp teen

Her death comes barely a week after Karabo Mokoena’s 22-year-old burnt body was discovered in a shallow grave in Johannesburg, last week.

Zapiro needs to take a hard look in the mirror

It’s a pity that the cartoonist's work is still able to hurt so many who encounter it even casually, writes the Daily Vox team.

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Sounding the alarm on shack fire losses

A tech solution to fires in informal settlements comes with insurance that pays out the victims of these blazes

How smuggled gold destined for Dubai or Singapore has links to France and Mali

Three Malagasy citizens were apprehended at OR Tambo International airport, but now the trail is found to connect to France and Mali

Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

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