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Rush for Africa’s marine species to feed demand in Asia

The booming, lucrative and often illicit trade in sea cucumbers, seahorses and fish maws threatens species and coastal communities

How smuggled gold destined for Dubai or Singapore has links to France and Mali

Three Malagasy citizens were apprehended at OR Tambo International airport, but now the trail is found to connect to France and Mali

​The extraordinary Train of Sugar and Salt

Stunning new film about civilians' dangerous trade trip to gain income during Mozambican war.

Wheels and deals in dusty Bukavu

The well-heeled flock to a marble-clad hotel in a city renowned as a smuggling hub for gold.

The war on dagga sobers up

The prohibition of cannabis in SA now appears as regressive as the culture in which it was outlawed. So where did it come from, and where to now?

Woman caught with ivory at OR Tambo

A 58-year-old woman has been arrested at OR Tambo International Airport in Gauteng for possession of 40kg of ivory.

Porous border is smugglers’ paradise

<b>Sean O'Toole</b> and <b>Paul Botes</b> take a journey along the border from Pontdrift to south of Komatipoort to find the gaps in a broken system.

A bird in the crotch is worth two in the bush

An Australian man was caught with two live pigeons stuffed in his trousers as he got off a flight from the Middle East, authorities said on Tuesday.

Ivory stockpile confusion

It is thought that smugglers are able to use gaps in data on countries' official ivory stockpiles to sell their own illegal ivory off.

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Mboweni says no more Zondo funding as court extends commission’s lifespan

The finance minister suggests money should be found from the cash-strapped justice department

SABC retrenchment process set to be finalised on Friday

At a portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday, developing a sustainable funding model for the SABC was top of the agenda

Slain top cop blamed for not cooperating with police

The widow of Charl Kinnear submitted a petition to parliament to find out why protection services were withdrawn before her husband’s assassination

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