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Somalia’s president offers amnesty to pirates

Somalia's president has offered an amnesty to young pirates in a bid to end attacks off the coast as he seeks to rebuild the war-torn country.

Piracy takes a dive in Somalia

Somali piracy has fallen to a three-year low because of co-ordinated action by international navies and the enlistment of armed security guards.

Deep Read: The party’s over for Somalia’s pirates

The empty whisky bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs that litter the Somali shoreline are signs that the heyday of Somali piracy may be over.

Nato says it’s winning war against Somali piracy

The threat from Somali pirates is receding but the international community must continue to work together to eliminate the menace

SA welcomes kidnapped couple’s safe return from Somalia

South Africa has thanked the Italian and Somalian authorities for the safe return of a local couple held captive by pirates for 20 months.

SA hostages freed by Somali pirates

A South African man and woman taken hostage by Somali pirates in October 2010 have been released.

Seeing the majesty in Somalia’s history

Funky dancing in a seaside bar, Vespa scooters on broad boulevards: the images of a lost Somalia are at odds with a place better known for war.

Somali police catch suspected pirates

Police in Puntland, Somalia have arrested several suspected pirates, including an armed gang accused of holding a Danish family hostage last year.

Suspected Somalia pirate base hit by war planes

Two civilians have been wounded after war planes fired several missiles at a suspected Somali pirate base in the north of the country.

Seychelles pleads for end to pirate prisoner overcrowding

The Seychelles has called for international help as naval forces tighten the noose around Somali pirates, saying they cannot hold more prisoners.

Ransom demand for SA couple soars

In spite of attempts to gain the trust of Somali clan leaders, the release price has for a South African couple being held hostage has gone up.

France unveils anti-pirate ship project

A French project featuring a range of anti-piracy features, including sound blasts, has been unveiled at a shipping security forum in Nantes.

Somali pirates release tanker — but hold on to four hostages

A Singapore shipper says Somali pirates have released a hijacked palm oil tanker and 21 crew members, but kept four South Koreans as hostages.

Curse of the TV tapes: Pirates of Somalia

A young Canadian with fantasies of becoming a celebrated director risked his life to document the inner workings of Somalia's pirates.

West Africa nations meet to discuss piracy surge

Benin, Togo and Ghana begin a three-day meeting in Cotonou next week to hammer out ways to end a recent upsurge in piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

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