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August House: The home of Jozi’s rising sons and daughters

Officially relaunching during this Art Week Joburg, the artist’s residency is full of history and a place for those long on vision but short of cash.

Massive attack: Joburg art collective gears up for Ghana

With a bit of crowdfunding and a large gathering of multidisciplinary artists, JHB Massive looks to make an impact at Accra's Chale Wote art festival.

Women artists talk back to race and gender in new show

SA-born Curator Natasha Becker widens the geographical loupe to enable women artists to speak out in "Speaking Back".

Q&A with Adejoke Tugbiyele: Art that tackles homophobia

We recently caught up with the US-born Nigerian artist and activist, whose work on show at Speaking Back tackles Nigeria's anti-gay law.

Bridging the gap: New network zooms in on Africa’s photography

Linking African photographic centres and practitioners, Centres of Learning for Photography in Africa aims to develop lens-based practices.

Citizenfour beats back Big Brother

The screening of the documentary about NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden at SA's Encounters documentary film festival is timely.

Pianist Kyle Shepherd wrestles with new notes

2015 marks a metamorphic time for the musician as he moves beyond revivalism and continues to explore a new sound with his trio.

SA trips as Joburg lands on the steps of the Venice Biennale

Unlike the Joburg showcase, the SA pavilion will present a show that many believe does not reflect the demographics of SA.

HHP on wanting a Nobel prize, xenophobia and performing in Lesotho

Ahead of his performance at the Lifaqane-Mfecane festival in Lesotho, we chat to the rapper about his bucket list, the Samas and xenophobic attacks.

Billy Domingo sings a sweet tune for the jazz festival’s future

The newly appointed director of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival shares his plans and vision for taking the jazz festival forward.

Dance Umbrella 2015: What not to miss

Here's our indepth round-up of the highlights from the Dance Umbrella programme this year.

Design Indaba 2015: It’s a wrap

Though the ticket price for the conference is prohibitive for most, the three-day design and music showcase is worth it for those with deep pockets.

Nelisiwe Xaba makes her moves on the politics of exoticism

The feminist choreographer and dancer, whose activism is embedded in her art, tells Stefanie Jason that the fight for gender equality is not over.

Nathi Mthethwa condemns killers of Bryanston couple

The minister has vented out at the killing of Wamukelwa Zuma-Memela and his wife, Wandy Campbell, who were murdered in their Bryanston home.

Blackface, white guilt, grey area

Awareness of cultural appropriation is much more widespread but for some white South African musicians it’s a rejection of Afrikaner stereotypes.

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High court grants Dlamini-Zuma leave to appeal adverse ruling on tobacco ban

The court held that the ongoing state of disaster meant there was public interest in the legal test applied to measures taken to contain the pandemic

Concourt to hear Zondo commission’s application for contempt order against Zuma on March 25

The former president has one week to file answering papers in the application that also seeks a prison sentence imposed on him

Koko maintains he had no idea he was exchanging emails with a man likely to be Salim Essa

On his fourth appearance before the commission, the former Eskom CEO maintains he was tricked into sharing company information with a third party

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