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Weekend 101: From the sombre to the ridiculous

The Diepsloot killings, the EFF's official launch, the US government shutdown ends and Mps declare some interesting gifts. Elephant, anyone?

US lawmakers abandon efforts to rein in ballooning debt

US lawmakers have abandoned efforts to rein in debt in a sign that Washington will be unlikely to resolve the tax and spending dispute before 2013.

Wall Street protesters disgusted with both parties

Wall Street demonstrators in the US say politicians from both major parties are to blame for policies they say protect corporate America.

Hope floats as US jobless claims less than expected

A US report hinted at an improvement in labour market conditions after unemployment benefit claims rose less than expected last week.

Greek crisis could spark exodus like WWII aftermath

Many Greeks, their lives ravaged by the debt crisis, are thinking of emigrating like hundreds of thousands who left for foreign shores after WWII.

Stocks take another dive on Greek default fears

Stocks slid again as Europe struggled to contain a debt crisis in Greece that is threatening to plunge the continent back into recession.

US’s Operation Twist hammers world markets

A grim outlook for the US economy from the Federal Reserve and signs of a slowing in China and Germany has sent world stocks tumbling.

Gordhan: Brics to consider euro bonds plan

A meeting of emerging economies will consider a Brazilian proposal to buy European bonds to help crisis-hit eurozone countries, Pravin Gordhan says.

Rand tumbles, tipped to hit R8/dollar

The rand tumbled nearly 3% to hit 16-month lows against the dollar as importers piled into the greenback, spooked by a recent trend of sharp declines.

Sub-Saharan Africa might feel Europe, US pinch

Sub-Saharan Africa could maintain its economic expansion in the near term, but faltering US or European recovery could threaten trade, says the IMF.

Our efforts are undermined, says Greece minister

Stavros Lambrinidis says Greece's fiscal adjustments made since revealing its debt and deficits two years ago were being undermined by stereotypes.

Asian stocks rebound on Europe’s debt hopes

Asian stocks bounced after tentative steps by eurozone policymakers to tackle a crippling debt crisis, but investors remained wary.

Investors anticipate a European recession

Investors expect Europe to fall into recession in the next 12 months, according to the BofA Merrill Lynch Survey of Fund Managers for September.

Bernanke: Keen on strong growth, mum on measures

The US Federal Reserve chairperson Ben Bernanke has said the US central bank would spare no effort to boost weak growth.

Obama’s jobs plan reinvigorates growth outlook

Barack Obama's jobs package could lift US economic growth by one to three percentage points in 2012, add well over one million jobs, say analysts.

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Scores die in Western Cape’s deadly taxi tit-for-tat

Forty-three people were shot dead in the first six months of this year in the Western Cape’s intractable taxi violence, while close to 100 have been arrested and 40 are on court rolls in connection with the conflict

Ingonyama Trust Board moves to retrench staff

More than 50 workers at the Ingonyama Trust Board have been issued section 189 notices

Solar stuck where sun don’t shine: State spends R289m to store solar water heaters

The national solar water heater programme is set to take off once again this year, but meanwhile the government is spending millions on storing heaters that have yet to be installed

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