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The little blue bounce lifts our love up where it belongs

Rekindling the sexual fire of a once passionate marriage has sparked a deeper emotional link.

Women are the vulnerable HIV link

Trials for vaginal gels and other prevention options have had dismal results, writes Gita Ramjee.

Fast-track anti-HIV gel, says minister

Revolutionary new vaginal treatment could avert 800 000 Aids deaths over the next 20 years.

SA keen on speedy roll-out of Aids gel

South Africa is considering rolling out use of a vaginal gel which can protect women against HIV before it is officially licensed by drug regulators.

Gel breakthrough lifts mood at Aids conference

A breakthrough test of a vaginal gel to protect women against HIV unleashed a wave of optimism at the world Aids conference on Tuesday.

Aids infection risk for women halved by gel, says study

Researchers are reporting a breakthrough against Aids with a study showing that a gel could halve the number of women who get infected.

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Zulu land body challenges audit outcome

Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

‘Terrorised’ family shines a light on traditional leadership for vulnerable people

The ambiguity between traditional and constitutional leadership has been exposed by the violent banishment of an Eastern Cape family

Sisulu dissolves housing agency board, again

The HDA is once again under administration, and its acting chief executive gets to stay on

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