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Crazy-rich Africans fear instability

The Standard Bank’s Wealth Report for Africa for 2020 shows that the continent’s wealthiest individuals worry about what impact volatile political environments will have on their wealth

An emergency budget needs bold decisions, including a bigger public sector

Choosing this path would create work for many while also building the infrastructure that the country needs

More billionaires but wealth gap between rich and poor widens

In South Africa, growth in 2017 went to the top 1% most wealthy people and nothing to the bottom 50%

Letters to the editor: February 3 to 9 2017

Readers write in about Marxism and economics, and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

​Wealth is a threat to environment

The wealthy few who embrace luxurious and extravagant lifestyles impose a great burden on the environment.

Figures suggest SA has the highest concentration of wealth in the hands of a few

For the first time, tax data has been made available to try to assess just how much is owned by how many

QE has made the very rich even richer

Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report makes for interesting reading for those who suspect quantitative easing is more about propping up asset prices.

1% own half the world’s wealth

Research by Credit Suisse shows that the world's poor and middle classes have been squeezed to create more wealth for 1% of the population.

SA’s richest people live … where?

There are some big surprises in the most recent tax statistics, but there's no escaping the endemic disparities in income everywhere.

The haves have a great deal more wealth

Several factors are responsible for increased household wealth but the run is likely to end, according to a recent index.

More millionaires, but world’s wealth gap is growing

Inequality fell slightly just before the financial crisis of 2008 but is on the rise again, particularly in developing countries such as South Africa.

The rich get richer, and ‘hog the proceeds of growth’

More than 1.76-million people joined the ranks of the global super-rich last year as stock market gains and property prices swelled personal fortunes.

Oxfam finds 85 elites as rich as 3.5-billion people

As the World Economic Forum starts in Davos, a development charity claims that growing inequality has been driven by a "power grab" by wealthy elites.

Growing wealth helps SA make both ends “meat”

The way South Africans are eating has changed drastically as their pockets have deepened.

Habib: Elites, cut a deal now

Professor Adam Habib's new book addresses inequality in South Africa and warns our economic elites to 'compromise now or risk losing everything'.

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Female cops sent for rape counselling

Brigadier Sifiso Cele denies the rape allegations, saying that they are part of a smear campaign and that criminal charges should have been opened if the accusations were true

‘Lost’ PPE: Morar a ‘player and ref’

Roshan Morar, the auditor who supplied the KZN education department with sanitisers has also been tasked with investigating the “disappearance” of millions of rands worth of PPE

Signing a path to freedom for the deaf

If South African Sign Language is recognised as one of the country’s official languages, it will considerably ease many of the deaf community’s problems of access, education and equality.

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The financial decisions made during your life journey, and their impact on your retirement outcome

The longer you save towards retirement the larger your retirement savings are expected to be due to the effect of compounding interest

In conversation with SA Reserve Bank Governer, Lesetja Kganyago

'Make interest rates zero and inflation goes up and then people save less – we need savings to fund investment in this country'

Secure your business from cyber threats

Many business-grade security systems now have built-in learning systems and AI to help businesses stay up to date with protection

Mental Health

During the pandemic there's been a dramatic increase in depression, anxiety and suicides, according to some of the surveys done

Expert financial advice still recommended – especially in uncertain times

A financial advisor is an expert who will help you to protect your wealth and make a realistic plan when unexpected events threaten your wellbeing

What is a virtual card, and how does it work?

A virtual card lets you pay online without ever having to take your card from your wallet or exposing your actual account information

Expert grant writer vacancy

The role of the grant writer is to work collaboratively with the HST bid team to conceptualise and write proposals for upcoming grant calls

Investment outlook beyond Covid-19

Opportunities for local business growth needed to be identified and strategically capitalised on, and we have to be really deliberate about that

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