/ 8 September 2009

Prinsloo faces sex charges in Belarus

Belarusian authorities are investigating claims of sexual crimes against Dirk Prinsloo, wanted in South Africa on 15 charges related to child pornography and sexual acts on children, the Star reported on Tuesday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mikhail Starikovich, the head of Interpol’s national central bureau in Belarus, said ”there were several episodes connected with sexual crimes, probably [allegedly] committed by Prinsloo in Minsk”.

Some of the allegations refer to ”sexual perversions with former girlfriends”, the paper said, quoting Belarusian authorities.

Prinsloo, who is facing bank robbery charges in Belarus, will be sent for a ”special psychological forensic examination”.

He skipped bail in South Africa in 2005, leaving his former girlfriend, advocate Cezanne Visser, also known as ”Barbie”, to face the charges alone.

He was nabbed by Interpol in Belarus in June this year after a failed bank robbery. – Sapa