Chaze Matakala

Embedding value into material culture at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Chaze Matakala writes of encountering Thania Petersen and Ibrahim Mahama at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

ICTAF: What is meaning when local goes global?

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair (ICTAF), may offer a new visual languages that looks to disentangle what we know as contemporary art in Africa.

The literary echoes of the Afro-modern

"Africa’s emerging literary voices are full of pluralities, reflecting what this generation performs and undertakes."

Inextricable link between jazz and fashion

Bonded by history as much as the present, the two genres of expression work together effortlessly

Going home from home

A traveller returns home to warm familiarities seen through the eyes of universality

A Brazil travel diary: Nova Terra, Nossa Terra

"To deny the contributions of black bodies to what is currently Brazil would be like denying the majority of your family".

On travelling alone across the black Atlantic

Brazil might have all the trappings of a new place, but the spectre of slavery makes it feel familiar

Brave Beauties and the dark Lioness

If beauty is a joy forever, so it is with the photos jumping out of whitewashed gallery walls

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