Christine Mungai

Who are Western museums guarding African artefacts from?

From the very cultures that created them?

How Africa tweets: 10 surprising trends and insights

Twitter is driving real pan-Africanism - in absolute terms, Egypt actually tweeted more on #FeesMustFall than SA, and Biafra was big in Gabon.

Africa poised to be axis of Christianity

The church will see most of its future growth in the Global South, with Islam set to follow suit.

Kenya and its huge competitive advantage

It's well positioned to take up the jobs that will exist in the future

Kenyans let their fingers do the talking

They might quarrel among themselves, but nothing unites them like outside criticism.

Gold goes the way of oil – down, down down; commodity markets will sweat this year

Though gold is still South Africa’s top export, it has slipped from being the world’s biggest producer in 2006 and is now in sixth position.

The African women who tried for president – and how they fared

Africa loves its women candidates - only that it almost never votes them in, writes Christine Mungai.

Africa’s teachers skip school due to poor pay? Yes and no

Mostly, they're incredibly demotivated

Students give it their best, but in the end employers find they are still not good enough

South African law firms found some LLB graduates lacked numeracy and literacy skills

Africa’s unique triumphs in the Guinness Book of World Records

We all know that Africa is home to many of the world's biggest, fastest and deadliest. But here are 15 wonders - some you probably had no idea about.

Long and the short of it: How Africans have shrunk

A lot of things went wrong for Africa since the 1960s, but here's one you probably didn't know about: we got shorter.

TB Joshua’s church: Built, like others, on shifting sands

Scaffolding for hire is just a small sign of a large informal industry.

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