Felix Mponda

Dream turns sour for Ethiopian migrants jailed in Malawi

The dream of a new life in SA has turned into a nightmare for Ethiopian migrants held in Malawian jails despite having served their sentences.

Zuma congratulates Malawi’s new president

President Jacob Zuma has congratulated Peter Mutharika and assured him of South Africa's commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with Malawi.

SADC toasts to Mugabe, calls for an end to Zimbabwe sanctions

SADC has called for the West to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe as it sealed its approval of his election victory.

Malawi worker export to S Korea dubbed ‘modern-day slavery’

Critics fear President Joyce Banda's plan to beat joblessness by sending tens of thousands of Malawians to South Korea could be "modern-day slavery".

Malawi ex-ministers arrested over ‘coup plot’

Malawi police have arrested 11 ex-ministers and senior government officials, including the former president's brother, for an alleged coup plot.

Malawi riots a harbinger of change

The deadly anti-government riots against President Bingu wa Mutharika in Malawi are a signal that public anger will not be silenced.

Malawi takes it down a notch, says ‘hero’ funeral can go ahead

After initially forbidding a mass funeral for people slain in anti-government protests to take place, Malawi authorities have had a change of heart.

Malawi’s ‘witches’ challenge colonial-era sorcery law

When Kanthukako Supaunyolo's grandson woke up in the night with a nosebleed, his parents were enraged by what they saw as a bad omen.

Malawi election to give public verdict on political feud

Malawi's presidential elections on Tuesday will give voters their first say on a years-long power struggle that has paralysed the government.

Malawi health service ailing from brain drain

For Malawian nurse Hilda Maganga, the financial pull of a spell in a ward in Britain is close to overwhelming her desire to tend to patients in her Aids-stricken and impoverished homeland. ''I would like to do a two-year stint in the United Kingdom, make my money and come back to retire for good,'' says the 54-year-old.

Watchdog: Crumbling Zim ripe for corruption

Zimbabwe's failing economy and collapsing services have provided an environment ripe for graft, with the impoverished country's woes facilitating an ever-worsening slide towards corruption. Despite setting up a local graft-busting body in 2004, Zimbabwe appears to be losing the battle against corruption, according to a leading watchdog.

Zimbabwe farmers face bleak future

Despite putting on a brave face at the annual Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, farmers in Africa's one-time breadbasket face a bleak future as they battle power cuts, fertiliser shortages and drought. Hundreds of farmers from across the country have been gathering in the capital, Harare, since Monday for the showpiece agricultural event.

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