Jess Cartner Morley

Insta-Barbie pokes fun at hipsterdom

Socality Barbie emphasises in a beautified way that Instagram submissions all look the same.

Fearless France: the muse of Paris couture

This season’s catwalk shows were the boldest, bravest and most forward-looking the city has seen for ages.

John Galliano’s first show for Maison Margiela not a masterpiece

The disgraced designer follows months of industry speculation with a solid start in his comeback show in London.

Model Jourdan Dunn attacks racism in fashion industry

British catwalk model Jourdan Dunn has added her voice to a campaign led by black models for more diversity in the fashion industry.

How to be a control freak like Gwyneth Paltrow

Forget laid-back. The must-have tool for the post-recession years is plenty of discipline.

Rihanna: Evolution of a style icon

Rihanna has the most talked-about wardrobe in pop. Festival-going teens love her fearless look, but is her fetish gear a hypersexualised step too far?

Lift-off for Lagerfeld

A Chanel audience was led through a fake airport terminal on to a mock-up jumbo jet for a first-class show.

2012: A Stella year

Red-carpet dominance, a London fashion week show, a new flagship store -- and the Olympics. Next year has Stella McCartney's name all over it.

Fashionistas in a lather over leather

Leather trousers are chic, wearable and not just for old rockers. Admit it -- you want a pair.

The catwalk, um,so last year

Forget about the clothes and the catwalk models. The big fashion shows are all about the front row. Jess Cartner-Morley explains why.

The ‘Obama look’

Barack Obama's wardrobe has been striking in its simplicity. His trademark is a slim-fitting black suit, and a sense of spit and polish.

You couldn’t make it up

Jess Cartner-Morley reports on the latest in a string of cases in which beauty companies have been forced to retract some of their more outlandish claims.

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