Jessie Cohen

Reading Naked Girls Reading: Are we dismantling or reinforcing gendered expression?

Adhering to normative aesthetics should be avoided when attempting to empower the natural.

Sex exhibition is fair on representation but short on alternative heterosexual sex

The Sex exhibition, at Stevenson Gallery in Braamfontein, doesn’t go far enough to explain the problems specific to our generation.

European Film Festival: The gender catch-22

Can the mostly male-directed films in the 'A Woman's World' film festival truly capture the female voice?

Do not pass Van Gogh

A new film shows the artist’s work in incredible detail, but fails to explore new paths into his turbulent mind.

Stories that push the boundaries of the female experience

A no-holds-barred insight into what it is like to be a woman in present-day South Africa, fraught as it is with taboos and dangers.

The bokkie stops here: Let’s make feminism fashionable again

The fight for women's rights has too often been stigmatised and ignored in favour of race politics.

Face the fro and say hello, gorgeous

Frizz is fine for men, but women must iron out or wig up? That sheitel ain't funny, girl.

Fifty shades of sexual ambiguity

Fifty Shades of Grey takes a nuanced approach to sex and power, but it is far too pedestrian to be called truly provocative feminist cinema.

To wax lyrical for a lad – or not

In the best possible scenario he'd pay attention to the process I'd undergo for him and he'd get a shiver down his spine at how unnatural it all is.

Sexual healing: An African sex safari

The African Sexual Healing Tour is empowering, but bruised by its bland approach to heterosexual cliché.

This is where the bodice is buried

A headmaster's memoir dips into risqué territory, but what principles lie behind the lurid prose?

When cinema casts gay desire as deviant behaviour

A former wrestler's furious response to his portrayal in the Oscar-nominated film underscores society’s resistance to sexual difference.

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