Qudsiya Karrim

Ladysmith: A small, cozy, convenient place

A Jo'burger who grew up in Ladysmith is reassured to find it just as she left it.

A dependable lifeline for all

LifeLine received its first call on Saturday March 16 1963 in Sydney, Australia

Digital death planning for dummies

What happens to your life on the internet when you pass away? Qudsiya Karrim explores the options.

Google ‘mortified’ by dodgy practice reports

Google says it is "mortified" to hear reports a team of its people was involved in fraud and undermined business efforts of a Kenyan mobile company.

Google accused of dodgy business practices in Kenya

Google has been accused of fraudulent practice and undermining business efforts by a Kenyan mobile company.

Starting from the top

The judges encouraged other small companies to take a leaf out of AfriSam's book.

Real help for real people

The Anglo American Chairman's Fund is the oldest professionally managed corporate social investment programme in South Africa.

Eid-ul-Adha: Lambasting the slaughter

Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice, has activists, Islamaphobes and Muslim vegetarians in a spin.

Raid highlights factory abuses

Apart from poor pay, scores of the predominantly female employees in the textile industry are subjected to appalling working conditions.

eThekwini’s big spenders

No one in KwaZulu-Natal knows how to flaunt it quite like Sibusiso and Shawn Mpisane.

Gang’s killing raises issue of cop violence

The deadly force by police in Durban that left six criminals dead has reignited concern about the alarming levels of police violence in KwaZulu-Natal.

Learning from learners

Schools and institutions -- <b>Commendation: Girls and Boys Education Movement Clubs</b>.

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